About me:

I, like Audrey, believe in pink. Like Lady Gaga, I am trying to change the world one sequins at the time, although my reach isn’t even close to hers. Like Coco Chanel I adore costume jewelry and love to wear it at daytime. I believe in fairy tales and true love as if I never left the 3rd grade. I belive in bringing glamour back and that casual Fridays should be abolished. Nothing gets me as excited as a new dress or a new pair of heals. I have an uncontrollable attraction to polka dot clothing, and a current obsession with skulls.  Also, I am a dog lover.

About the blog:

This blog came to be after years and years of reading fashion blogs, and wanting a space of my own to document the things that inspire me and bring together all the things I am passionate about.

About the blog name:

A Hepburn in a Hilton World title was inspired by the book title “How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World”.  I strive to be a Hepburn, elegant and graceful, classic and ladylike. Sometimes Hilton will get the better of me. I think of the Hepburn vs. Hilton struggle as a battle of the trashy and the elegant.  How to keep it elegant, without being boring? How to be sexy, without being cheap? The question is; how would Audrey interpret todays trends? Being a Hepburn doesn’t mean being a prude or looking boring.


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