In the event that the old saying “you are what you hang with” is true, I would like to share my favorite fashion bloggers here with you. Of course I don’t really “hang” with any of these amazing ladies, they don’t even know this blog exist after all it is the world’s smallest style and inspiration blog, however they are the ones I visit semi-daily and who inspire me the most. Be sure to check back because I add on every time I find a new gem! Last updated: 04.12.12.


  1. A Fashion Love Affair.
  2. A girl a style.
  3. Atlantic Pacific.
  4. Brooklyn Blonde.
  5. Fanny Lyckman.
  6. Fash Boulevard.
  7. Fashion Diaries.
  8. Fated to be Hated.
  9. Katie’s Closet.
  10. Late Afternoon.
  11. Oh So Glam.
  12. The Pink Peonies.
  13. Silje Bredesen.
  14. Sea of Shoes.
  15. Seams for a Desire.
  16. Stylolo.
  17. Sugar Laws.
  18. Tuula.
  19. Urikke Lund.
  20. Viva Luxury.
  21. Wendy’s Lookbook.
  22. Wish Wish Wish.


  1. Cupcakes and Cashmere.
  2. I spy DIY.
  3. The Coveteur.

{Baking & Cooking}

  1. Passion for Baking.


  1. Miss Chievous TV.
  2. The Beauty Department.

Do you have any amazing bloggers to recommend? I like outfit posts, and an overall girly tone. Thank you! 🙂


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