{Click, click: Fur Ear Hats}

I am the biggest dork, but these are super cute don’t you think? I know nobody needs to pieces of headwear with animal ears, but I couldn’t make my mind up. They are different enough to justify buying both…. right?? 🙂

Image 1 of ASOS Faux Fur Bunny Ear HatImage 1 of ASOS Fur Ears Cossack Hat


{Click : Pencil Skirt With Dip Hem}

Just ordered this from ASOS, isn’t it cute? On sale to, only ÂŁ18,50. I think it will make the office look a bit more young and fun, give it some personality. You can fint it >>here<<!

Image 2 of ASOS Pencil Skirt With Dip HemImage 1 of ASOS Pencil Skirt With Dip HemImage 4 of ASOS Pencil Skirt With Dip Hem

{Click, Click, Click: Nelly Shoes}

Remember the Nelly Shoes campaign on members?

These are the three pairs I ended up with.It was hard to stop at three pairs! But I had to be strong, especially number 6 and 7 pictured in the previous post was hard to let go. In the end, I decided on these and hopefully I won’t regret it and think too much about the others. Haha, the vows of a shoeaholic! Do like my new shoes? The campaign goes on for another 24 hours and I’ll be happy to invite you to become a member! If you join by invite you get a small gift certificate, but since the shoes are so affordable (80% off),  that small amount will get you a long way!

{Click, Click, Click: H&M}

Don’t you just love online shopping? I just clicked home a few pieces from H&M , a few basics and some statement pieces. I can’t wait to try out styling that leopard skirt! And the pink pants, after my “how to wear pink”-post from yesterday I realized just how much I missed my pink jeans that were stained beyond repair this past summer.

All items can be found at H&M.com.