{Blog Crush: Oh so Glam}

Oh so Glam and oh so Fab!

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{No matter if I am working or not, Paris is so dreamy and beautiful – Hanneli Mustaparta}

How cute is this movie with Hanneli Mustaparta, Elin Kling and Miroslava Duma for LV Mini?  And to think that one of the power houses are using three fashion bloggers to promote their lines? What a testament to how much power fashion bloggers have gotten.

{Blog Crush: Styloly}

Yes, I know I shared one of my blog crushes recently – but since my exams are close it’s hard to be creative – and besides, can you really ever get enough sources of inspiration on you blogroll? The best really good fashion bloggers are rare gems and should be shared, at least that’s how I found most of my favorites through the recommendations of other style bloggers such as myself.

This blog is one of my newest finds; I’ve only been reading it for a couple of months, but it’s definitely one of my all time favorites. When you find that blogger who inspires you, and in some manner is representative of your style, you know immediately what you have and i just love that feeling. Styloly gave me that feeling, and I every time I visit her blog I’m in awe of her amazing outfits. Take a look for yourself!

Styloly writes in polish, but with these outfits and google translate what does it matter?

{Blog Crush: Ulrikke Lund}

The first fashion blog I ever the read, and still one of my favorites, is Ulrikke’s. Besides being the tiniest, cutest little blogger out there she has an amazing sense of style. To describe her the word most fitting would be “fierce”. She pulls of the romantic outfits and the rocker chic ones. She definitely has become more edgy over the years.


fabulous right? Visit Ulrikke’s blog >>here<< ! Who’s your favorite fashion blogger? I’m alway looking for inspiring fashion bloggers to add to my blogroll.