{Hot or Not: The Modest Editon}

When I told you yesterday that I was head over heals for Sister Wives last week that was not a lie! One thing that I have noticed over the seasons is that although the Brown Wives are very outspoken about wanting to dress modest; not show cleavage, arms or even leg, they are less strict about the clothes not being formfitted. I don’t know how modest I think it is to wear skin thight clothes… Or babydoll tops…

What do you think? Does it make any sense to cover your arms if your top is so thight is shows of all you got? Modest? Or not modest?


{Sunday ♥ List : Sister Wives, Candles, Britney, ASOS and Spikes!}


TV: Sister Wives. Are you watching this show? It is crazy addictive. I’m glued to the screen when it’s on, even if it’s a rerun and then the blog gossiping about it. The blog comment section can be a bit vicious, but I just can’t help myself. I love to wonder what is going on that mind of Janelle (does she have a master plan/is she depressed/does she just not care?), if Christine will ever stand up for herself and if Meri and Robyn understand how bad they come across. My favorite wife is Christine. I think she, if mated with a better man, actually could have lived a happy polygamous life. Are you as addicted as me? It’s on tonight!!

Shopping: ASOS have so much cute stuff right now. I’m literally drooling all over my keyboard. So tempting…

Music: ♫ I wanna scream  and shout ♬ And let it all out ♫ It’s Britney bitch ♬ Love this song, my only complaint is too much will.i.am and not enough Britney! And it is a bit repetitive.. OK, that was two thing.

Trend: Spiked shoes – so glad this trend is still going strong – I love it. And as previous blog visitors will know, I have only planned my next spiked pair…

Random: Candles!! One joy of this cold season, candles. I have 17 burning away as I’m typing this… I love the immediate atmosphere created my living light!

What did you love this past week?