{Weekly Wanties: H&M}

1) Pink Blazer 2)Dress 3)White blouse 4)Faux leather pants 5)Jumper 6)Blouse 7) Black top 8) Coral Jumper 9)Blazer 10)Pink Blouse 11) Dress 12) Ballerinas.

I couldn’t limit myself to only 6 items this week, all this stuff is just to cute! And a lot of it is on sale to… Help me ot\ut! I can’t afford it all, what are the best pieces?


{Click, Click, Click: H&M}

Don’t you just love online shopping? I just clicked home a few pieces from H&M , a few basics and some statement pieces. I can’t wait to try out styling that leopard skirt! And the pink pants, after my “how to wear pink”-post from yesterday I realized just how much I missed my pink jeans that were stained beyond repair this past summer.

All items can be found at H&M.com.