{Logan ♥ Veronica}

Confession – I’m a the type of girl who desperatly want to believe in the fairytale. I want to believe that Disney magic happen in real life, that there is such a thing as soulmates and that movie and TV love stories exist beyond the screen.

This is the background for this post series on Hilton Hepburn, to remind of myself of what it is I really want. I want the prince charming, the whirlwind and the disney magic. To start of my tribute to the  hottest, most swoon-worthy, couples of our pop culture past and present, I have choosen a couple whose complex relationship generated more heat and passion during their show’s brisk three season run, then some fictional television couples could muster in ten.  (I’m looking at you Ross and Rachel from Friends .  . .)

Let us roll the opening credits, and begin at the beginning, shall we?

The Preamble : “A Long Time Ago, We Used to Be Friends . . .”

This television twosome started off as friends, Logan and Veronica were both part of the same exclusive clique, Neptune High’s privileged and popular 09ers.  At the time, Veronica was dating Logan’s best friend, Duncan Kane, and Logan was involved with Veronica’s best friend and Duncan’s sister, Lilly.

The foursome’s friendships began to unravel when Veronica informed Lilly that Logan had cheated on her.  Shortly after Lilly dumped Logan, she was brutally murdered.  A heartbroken Logan soon lashes out against Veronica, under the belief that had Lilly not broken up with him, Logan could have saved her on the night she was murdered. To make matters worse; Veronica’s father, the town Sheriff, accuses Duncan and Lilly’s father of committing the murder.  Refusing to turn against her father, Veronica stands by him, and is ousted from the 09ers as a result.  Newly single and with a lot of extra time on her hands, Veronica quickly develops the tough exterior she needs to help her father start his own private investigation business.

Needless to say, things aren’t exactly copacetic between our two lovebirds when the series begin.  As if to exemplify this, Veronica frames Logan for in-school drug use  by planting a bong in his locker. Logan returns the favour by bashing the crap out of the head lights on Veronica’s car.  “Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass.  And he’s ours.” says Veronica of Logan.

Things stay fairly chilly between Veronica and Logan until Logan convinces Veronica to help him find his missing mother, after television footage shows her jumping tp her presumed death off a bridge.  Refusing to believe his mother is gone, Logan, with Veronica’s help, tracks a woman using his mother’s name to a 5-star hotel and waits for her to reappear.  When the hotel patron turns out to be Logan’s sister, he is forced to come to terms with his mother’s death, and breaks down in tears, while Veronica attempts to comfort him. It is at this moment that their friendship is reborn.  The question is for how long can they stay “just friends?”

Not long, because shortly there after Logan rescues Veronica when she is kidnapped and taken to a shady motel by a would-be high school terrorist named Ben (played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas), who ends up being a CIA agent.  Overcome with gratitude for Logan’s unexpected heroism, Veronica impulsively plants a brief kiss on Logan’s mouth.  Embarrassed, the young P.I. turns to run away, but Logan pulls her back.  The two stare at one another intently for a few moments before falling into a hot and steamy makeout session.

Given their different social statuses and the impact their relationship will inevitably have on their mutual friend Duncan, the two decide to begin a relationship in secret . . But, of course, nothing can stay secret for long.  In the process of making out, the new couple inadvertently walk into a surprise party being thrown for Logan by his dad.  The jig is officially up for these two.  And, because high schoolers can hold a grudge like no one’s business, the 09er crew does not take news of Logan and Veronica’s new relationship well.  You can cut the tension with a butter knife. Logan, being the hard core guy he is, stands up for Veronica against his snooty friends.  “That’s sort of a general invitation,” he scolds.  “If you don’t like my girlfriend, you can start for the rectangle with the round knob.”

Then over the summerVeronica dumps Logan over the summer and has begins dating Duncan. Logan had kind of a crappy summer. The fact that his dad turned out to be Lilly’s murder didn’t help.  Then, after a drunken evening, he found himself wanted for the murder of a gang member, even though he remembered absolutely nothing about the night in question.  So what does our wise teen do? He burns down the public pool. Arson doesn’t exactly sit well with our favorite teen sleuth, so she kicks young Logan to the curb.

And it appears that Logan’s Superman complex has not gone away and when Veronica is attacked by some creepy Irish mob guys in a bar while investigating a case, Logan once again comes to Veronica’s rescue .  He pulls out a gun on their asses and Veronica escapes.  Later, back in the car, Veronica illustrates how much she still cares for Logan when she breaks down in tears.  Contrary to what you might think, she is not crying about being attacked by creepy Irish mob guys but because she fears that Logan’s heroic antics will get him killed. The sexual tension between Veronica and Logan comes to a boiling point when the not-so-couple share an intense slow dance with one another at a school dance.

At yet another dance, a drunk Logan confronts Veronica in what may have been the sweetest scene in the entire series.  Anyway, Logan expresses his fear that after graduation, he and Veronica will part ways for good, and will never be able to see eachother again.  He explains that she has basically ruined him for all other girls. ”I thought our story was Epic, you know, you and me,” he says.

Initially, at least, Veronica is not easily won over.  She freaks out over Logan’s unexpected declaration and runs away before the two can share a kiss.  The following morning, she thinks better and visits Logan at the suite where he is staying.  “I don’t want to lose you from my life either,” she admits. Veronica is about to offer to give their relationship another go, when Logan “claims” not to remember his big Epic speech.  To make matters worse, Veronica soon learns that, after she ditched him, he spent the night with a tarty older woman.  She doesn’t take it well . . .Fortunately, tragedy brings the couple back together!  Yay tragedy!  In the series finale, Logan rescues Veronica from a fellow student, who just so happens to be a homicidal maniac who killed a good portion of Logan and Veronica’s classmates.

Then comes the College Years.  Suffice it to say, that Veronica and Logan spent a majority of the time mistrusting one another, fighting, breaking up, and dating other people – and not in a good way.  Fortunately, in the Season Finale, the pair, in their own dysfunctional way, imply that they will be getting back together after the series ends. And thus ends this LoVe story.

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