{Sunday ♥ List : Sister Wives, Candles, Britney, ASOS and Spikes!}


TV: Sister Wives. Are you watching this show? It is crazy addictive. I’m glued to the screen when it’s on, even if it’s a rerun and then the blog gossiping about it. The blog comment section can be a bit vicious, but I just can’t help myself. I love to wonder what is going on that mind of Janelle (does she have a master plan/is she depressed/does she just not care?), if Christine will ever stand up for herself and if Meri and Robyn understand how bad they come across. My favorite wife is Christine. I think she, if mated with a better man, actually could have lived a happy polygamous life. Are you as addicted as me? It’s on tonight!!

Shopping: ASOS have so much cute stuff right now. I’m literally drooling all over my keyboard. So tempting…

Music: ♫ I wanna scream  and shout ♬ And let it all out ♫ It’s Britney bitch ♬ Love this song, my only complaint is too much will.i.am and not enough Britney! And it is a bit repetitive.. OK, that was two thing.

Trend: Spiked shoes – so glad this trend is still going strong – I love it. And as previous blog visitors will know, I have only planned my next spiked pair…

Random: Candles!! One joy of this cold season, candles. I have 17 burning away as I’m typing this… I love the immediate atmosphere created my living light!

What did you love this past week?


{Click, Click, Click: Nelly Shoes}

Remember the Nelly Shoes campaign on members?

These are the three pairs I ended up with.It was hard to stop at three pairs! But I had to be strong, especially number 6 and 7 pictured in the previous post was hard to let go. In the end, I decided on these and hopefully I won’t regret it and think too much about the others. Haha, the vows of a shoeaholic! Do like my new shoes? The campaign goes on for another 24 hours and I’ll be happy to invite you to become a member! If you join by invite you get a small gift certificate, but since the shoes are so affordable (80% off),  that small amount will get you a long way!

{New In: Jade Mint}

I am in love with my new pair of shoes which I picked up at the post office this morning. From the mint color, to the bronze tip and the excellent fit, these are sure to be a new go-to pair. I can’t wait to pair them with jeans when spring comes around.

Do you like them? They can be found on Nelly.com, just search for Jade.

I like them so much I think I might just have to get them in one more color! I already have a candidate in mind…


Does anyone have any tricks on how to photograph shoes? I see all these bloggers have amazing pictures of their shoes, both on their feet and off, but I find the task impossible! Any tips will be received with gratitude.

{Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world – Marilyn Monroe}

Members are in the middle of a Nelly Shoes Campaign, up to 70% off. I love a bargain and I love Nelly Shoes. I knew it was coming and since the shoes often go fast I went on their website beforehand and picked out my favorites. Thay way  I would know what to look for. Sadly none of my picks ( #1-3) were part of the campaign! But they did have some almost as nice ones.. I particularly like the idea of a red heal for the holidays.. And maybe #3 is just as nice in brown #7 ?


What do you think? Would you splurge on any of these pairs? Could any of these help us conquer the world?

If you Scandinavian, and not a member at Members.com yet but wishes to be, leave your e-mail and I’ll send you and invite. You’ll get a 50 kr gift card to start!