{Blog Crush: Oh so Glam}

Oh so Glam and oh so Fab!

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{Click : Pencil Skirt With Dip Hem}

Just ordered this from ASOS, isn’t it cute? On sale to, only £18,50. I think it will make the office look a bit more young and fun, give it some personality. You can fint it >>here<<!

Image 2 of ASOS Pencil Skirt With Dip HemImage 1 of ASOS Pencil Skirt With Dip HemImage 4 of ASOS Pencil Skirt With Dip Hem

{Blog Crush: Styloly}

Yes, I know I shared one of my blog crushes recently – but since my exams are close it’s hard to be creative – and besides, can you really ever get enough sources of inspiration on you blogroll? The best really good fashion bloggers are rare gems and should be shared, at least that’s how I found most of my favorites through the recommendations of other style bloggers such as myself.

This blog is one of my newest finds; I’ve only been reading it for a couple of months, but it’s definitely one of my all time favorites. When you find that blogger who inspires you, and in some manner is representative of your style, you know immediately what you have and i just love that feeling. Styloly gave me that feeling, and I every time I visit her blog I’m in awe of her amazing outfits. Take a look for yourself!

Styloly writes in polish, but with these outfits and google translate what does it matter?

{Blog Crush: Ulrikke Lund}

The first fashion blog I ever the read, and still one of my favorites, is Ulrikke’s. Besides being the tiniest, cutest little blogger out there she has an amazing sense of style. To describe her the word most fitting would be “fierce”. She pulls of the romantic outfits and the rocker chic ones. She definitely has become more edgy over the years.


fabulous right? Visit Ulrikke’s blog >>here<< ! Who’s your favorite fashion blogger? I’m alway looking for inspiring fashion bloggers to add to my blogroll.

{ Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts? – Carrie Bradshaw}

Continuing down the lane of off-air TV fashionistas, today I am looking at queen herself: Carrie!! Although, in all honesty I don’t think anybody except Carrie could pull of some of the most memorable, eclectic, crazy ensambles, in a drab winter when everybody seems to have fled into their greys and blacks I am for being inspired by her fierceness. Her style is all about fun. Its about freedom. Its about dressing to make yourself happy and not caring what other people think.

Carrie’s fashion sense has a definate sense of whimsy about it, a fun, playful child-like quality to it. Do you take cues from Carrie when it comes to your sense of style?

{Isn’t that just kick-you-in-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic? – Rachel Green}

TV as a medium is more than just entertainment and news; the good shows offer up style inspiration left and right. And I’m not only talking about the obvious style editorials Gossip Girl, The Hills and Sex & The City. As Gossip Girl is coming to an end I’m worried about where my next weekly style infusion are going to come  from.

So I decided to take a closer look at some of my older fashion muses. First out; Rachel Green! The ultimate fashionista who went from waitress at Central Perl, to having Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton engage in a bidding war over her employment (albeit with the help of Ross, but that is besides the point).Key’s to nailing Rachel’s style include neutrals,  most of Rachel’s outfits incorporate gray, black, white, and tan pieces. Rachel loves antique and vintage pieces. Especially in later seasons, Rachel is often seen in vintage graphic tees. She was often subtly sexy. Rachel was always tasteful, but still incorporated boudoir pieces into her outfits. She liked lacy camisoles and letting her bra peek out. Like her friends Monica and Pheobe, she was not afraid to show her nipple either (see up left corner). To look appropriate for her job as a buisness woman at Ralph Lauren, she was often seen in trousers, pencil skirts, and blazers. She always made it fun and stylish by adding animal print accents, jewelry, or boots. Finally, a big part of Rachel’s appearance is her amazing shiny hair; which created trends such as “the Rachel”, but also her super long looks or pulling it to the side with a bobby pin also became part of her trademark look.

Who knew she was such a classic? Some of these outfits are over 10 years old and yet you could wear them today and still be on trend.   Are you a fan of the style of Rachel Green? Or was there another TV star back in the day who influenced your wardrobe choices?

{How to wear: Leopard Mini Skirts}

It’s not only the pink pants I’m eagerly awaiting H&M to send I’m super excited about the leopard skirt. I love a touch of animal print, and here is some inspiration I found on how to style it. Researching this however, has made me very aware of how much easier it would have been to style a fuller skirt then my new mini. Oh well, I’ll accept the challenge!

What do you think?

{I don’t believe in changing yourself for anybody – Lauren Conrad}

My number one style icon, she always looks fabolous. Here are some of the keys to Laren’s mix of laid back, feminine style and chic, sexy evening wear:

Although sometimes critized for not taking enough risks, Lauren really is a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. Classy from head to toe. Are you a Lauren fan?